Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Adam and I went to an all-Moscato tasting on Saturday. It was wonderful (as we knew it would be, since we love Moscatos), and we tried some old favorites and some new types too. We ended up buying a few bottles--one Moscato of the same brand that we had at our wedding, another Moscato that we had before in Frederick (MD) and loved, and a red varietal. But here's where the FAIL begins...

On Sunday, Adam and I were running around--cooking, cleaning, baking, etc to get ready for the small Superbowl party we threw.  We had some beer and smirnoff, but I thought people might want wine as well, so Adam put the Frederick Moscato (it's lemony and gorgeously fruity) in the freezer. We have put wine in the freezer before, when we're trying to quickly lower the temperature. (Gift idea for us: a temperature-controlled wine fridge!!)

Well, we forgot about it. Just plain forgot all about it. The beer, smirnoff, and other drinks that our guests brought proved to be more than enough. So, on Monday, I open the freezer to take something out for dinner. The bottle was on its side, just as Adam placed it, but the cork had exploded out and there was mushy, slushy-like Moscato all over the place. It took awhile to clean up. And, even though there was still something frozen in the bottle, when it melted it just tasted like water. Total bummer.

Lessons learned:
1. Don't leave wine in the freezer (I think I'll just be doing quick freezes or keeping it safe in the fridge from now on). We don't know exactly when it exploded...by the slushiness, I would think sometime on Monday morning. Only our darling dog Oliver knows for sure, I guess.
2. Always think about wine; don't take it for granted. I fear that I took this Moscato for granted and was punished accordingly.
3. Don't feel like you have to appropriately chill wines all the time. If it's a Superbowl party, you may not have to drink it at the perfect temperature. It is just a game after all!

I know it could have been worse. The cork could have exploded when we were taking it out. Or the bottle could have shattered, which would have been a hot mess.  But, still, we lost a perfectly good bottle of Moscato. What a major fail. I was so upset that I couldn't even take a picture of the slushy Moscato mess.  :(

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