Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tasting Corner for Bluestone Vineyard

Here's a new feature for our blog. We like to visit vineyards, wineries, and wine stores for tastings because (i) it's cheap (or even free!), (ii) you can try a variety of wines, and (iii) it's a fun experience to share! Therefore, hopefully we'll be having even more of these tasting corners on the blog.  :)

Bluestone Vineyard is located Bridgewater, Virginia. It's a new vineyard...just opened up in January of 2011. We enjoyed our visit there and wish them lots of luck; the tasting was FREE and was provided by the son of the owner, who was super-enthusiastic and sweet. I'd suggest stopping by in you're in the Bridgewater area.

Through the link posted above, you can access the Vineyard's descriptions of their wine. For the tasting corner, we'll post the name and basics of the wine, followed by our own, unique descriptors. Remember that our descriptors are based on a small sample...and we liked the reds much more than the whites. Prepare for fun!

2009 Vidal Blanc: light, dry Virginia white wine ($13.50)
Adam's Thoughts: awful bouquet--probably good with something very sweet to counter the wine
Cathy's Thoughts: it tastes like Kathie Lee Gifford would like it--and that's all I can say with a straight face. Rating 2.10

2009 Traminette: spicy white wine ($16.50)
Adam's Thoughts: forward, fruity; might be great with curry dishes
Cathy's Thoughts: bouquet is like a sharp cheddar, but taste is much more muted, even semi-watery. Rating: 4.30

2009 Chardonnay: Virginia chardonnay, white wine ($18.50)--disclaimer: we dislike chards.
Adam's Thoughts: need to drink a few glasses (maybe a few bottles) until I feel like I could say anything positive
Cathy's Thoughts: sharp chardonnay; if you like chards, you may like this, but I'm not a fan (of any chard or this chard). Rating: 3.40 (that's me trying to actually convince myself that chards can have a scale)

Beau: golden wine, house speciality, named after their dog! ($14.50)
Adam's Thoughts: very diverse; could be paired with an entree or a dessert; might be nice to try with fish
Cathy's Thoughts: the bouquet is big, bold, busty, and wild but the taste is much calmer. It's pleasant and sweet, though it lacks the sweetness of a dessert wine and the bite of a white wine; I love that it's named after a dog! Rating: 6.62

2009 Cabernet Franc: light, dry red wine ($17.50)
 Adam's Thoughts: rosy appearance which wasn't expected; i wonder if any of this wine actually makes it down the throat because it just seems to evaporate within the mouth quickly
Cathy's Thoughts: shocking difference from the Cab Franc 08 from CrossKeys Vineyard (our wedding venue); bouquet was pleasant; taste was dry, minerally and yum but not yummy; lacked some juicy, fresh notes. Rating: 7.68

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon: traditional, dry red wine ($21.50)
Adam's Thoughts: hangs around more than the cab franc; needs some cow's blood to mix with it (read: would go well with a juicy steak)
Cathy's Thoughts: bouquet was kind of sharp and moody; taste was fruit-forward, pleasant, and bit heavier than I would have expected. Rating: 7.74

Southern Nights: deep, red wine ($23.50)--we bought a bottle!
Adam's Thoughts: tip-toes from front of tongue all the way down the throat; has an almost JMU-intense purple
Cathy's Thoughts: deep, pungent bouquet balances well with a smooth taste; it almost has a silky syrah-like taste. Rating: 9.72

Fireside: deep, red wine ($25.50)--we bought a bottle!
Adam's Thoughts: not as sweet as a port, but still a great sipper
Cathy's Thoughts: deep, intense bouquet; the taste had a deep jammyness that was rich, deep, and flavorful; I also found myself comparing it to port and finding it a bit lacking--I think with a bit of sweetness this wine would have knocked my socks off. Rating: 9.85


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