Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cannonau Di Sardegna

Grape Varietal:  Cannonau, which is the Sardinian name for Grenache
Vintage: 2012
Country: Sardinia
Region: Denominazione Di Origine Controllata
Producer: Antonio Sanguineti
Price and Place of Purchase: part of Tasting Room case received

Appearance: Gorgeous purple-burgandy
Bouquet: Clean, crisp grapes; has a hint of the seaside and adventure within the bouquet

Cathy's Overall Thoughts: This was a fantastic wine. Soft, smooth, supple on the tongue. Worked well with many different foods, but Adam especially adored it with chocolate. It was just a lovely sipping wine, and I would highly recommend it!

Overall, I give this a 9.9/10 on my scale.

We paired with:a variety of foods
We recommend this with: anything  :)


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