Monday, January 4, 2016

Parallus White Wine Blend

Grape Varietal: White wine blend
Vintage: 2014
Country: United States
Region: California
Price and Place of Purchase: part of Tasting Room case received

Appearance: just the palest yellow; nearly clear
Bouquet: strong hint of the (steel?) barrels and the fruitiness

Cathy's Overall Thoughts:This was okay for a white wine. It didn't seem to taste like much, which meant it was very drinkable (perhaps too drinkable...). But I liked it and it gave a clear finish, with perhaps a bit of sharpness on the aftertaste. The sharpness kind of reminded me of chardonnay, but not in the negative way.

Overall, I give this a 7/10 on my scale.

We paired with: sausage, boursin cheese, and crackers
We recommend this with: a pleasant evening and relaxing...not much to do.


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