Monday, January 24, 2011

Christobal 1492 (2008)

Wine Facts for Christobal 1492
Grape Varietal: Malbec
Vintage: 2008
Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Producer: La Santa Maria
Price: $11.99
Place of Purchase: Vintage Wines, Harrisonburg, VA

Additional facts: I quite liked how detailed this wine label was! I'm not a winemaker or producer or bottler (or have any actual job connected to wine), but I love studying about it. Yes, I can make wine dorky.  :)  Anyway, this label shared the following information: Within the La Santa Maria vineyard in Argentina, this wine came from Lot 1A-2A and was handmade in cases of 15 kg during the 4th week of March. Pretty awesome! If I ever visit this winery, I'll know exactly where to go, and (dorky) me thinks it's kind of cool to know that info!

The label also described that the wine undergoes cold pre-maceration for one week (different from just placing the grapes straight into maceration barrels and starting the juicing process immediately) and then is fermented between 72-degrees and 75-degrees Fahrenheit. Hey, if the fermentation temperature of Malbecs is ever asked on Jeopardy, you'll be glad I'm a dork!

Characteristics of Cristobal 1492
Appearance:very deep plum
Bouquet: not overly spicy, but it has hints of strawberry and deeper red fruits; very intoxicating

Adam's Overall Thoughts:
This would be a very nice sipping red. The slight spiciness lightly jumps on and off the tongue, quite carefree. It was a good dinner wine; the fish we had had a very clean taste, allowing the wine to be a bit bolder than it would have been had we paired it with a red meat, though I think it would be better paired with such. A great, full wine.

Cathy's Overall Thoughts:
I enjoyed this wine immensely; it had a rich jammyness to it that made me want to keep savoring it; there was a deep, succulent spice (almost straight down the center of my throat) as I swallowed, but it dissolved into pleasurable fruityness rather quickly. Quite lovely!
On my scale, it's a 9.39.

We paired with: ocean perch and veggies
We recommend this: with red meat and maybe a crackling fireplace



  1. You know I love a good Malbec! I will keep an eye out for this and thanks for including the price as well. This wine lover is on a budget!!

  2. Glad to help! We're wine lovers (and Malbec lovers) on a budget too!
    Incidentally, a few months ago, I went to our nearby grocery store (Food Lion) and bought a Malbec of brand I hadn't heard of: Casillero del Diablo. We really liked the brand, and enjoyed the Malbec made by them and also the Cab Sauv and Caberene(?)--both were later purchases almost entirely based on how much we enjoyed the Malbec. It's really affordable ($8-11 range) and I've started seeing the brand even in Target. So, check out the Casillero del Diablo brand if you get the chance! :) I'll probably get another bottle in a bit and post on it, but just wanted to share!